Lost Animal Searches in County Down

Snow build up in DromaraThe last few days have seen a number of visits to the County Down hills, in particular Dromara and Slieve Croob where over six feet of snow has fallen and buried many roads, valleys and even whole farms.

Snow build up has caused buildings to collapse killing many of the animals sheltering inside while others were simply buried outside or died from exposure.

Skywatch has been actively working with farmers in the area to sweep inaccessible areas, particularly around Slieve Croob for missing sheep and other livestock. The Irish Army and RAF have also been operating in the area to deliver feed in what continues to be severe weather conditions.

Skywatch flying over Slieve Croob

Foxbat flying over Slieve Croob

The rare conditions are hard to be believe as Banbridge and Dromore have virtually no snow at all while a short drive into Dromara reveals treacherous conditions and impassable build ups of snow and ice.

A thaw over the coming days is expected to reveal many more animals previously buried while also causing major flooding in the area.